9 Absolutely Beautiful Poetry Collections You Need To Read Right Now

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1. “Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth” – Warsan Shire

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This is the kind of collection you just need to read. I could try to tell you why — that her words are so raw and visceral, that she isn’t afraid to dive in places others might tiptoe around, that it simultaneously breaks your heart and gives you hope — but it still wouldn’t do it justice. Just read it.

To my daughter I will say,
“When the men come, set yourself on fire.”
In Love and In War

2. “PANSY” – Andrea Gibson


I will never stop talking about Andrea. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of obsessed (gently though, in a non-threatening way). You can read a collection of incredibly beautiful quotes of theirs here. PANSY delves into love, sexuality, forgiveness, identity, politics, etc. and in true Andrea form, has…

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Life’s Too Short To Be Chill: 9 Reasons It’s Okay To Be A Crazy Girl

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Somewhere along the line, our society seemed to decide that “crazy” just wasn’t good. Sure, there are reasons why it makes sense — the truly crazed are always a lot to handle, and can easily veer into the territory of being downright insane. But we forgot that “crazy” and “insane” are not entirely synonymous, and that just because you call somebody crazy doesn’t mean they’re actually out of line.

The next person to call you crazy probably isn’t saying it because they have your best intentions in mind. They’re probably not trying to reel you in for your own good. Rather, they’re probably reacting out of a need to close themselves down and avoid processing something that’s outside of their comfort zone. They don’t have to grow — and you can’t force them to, no matter how hard you try — but that doesn’t mean they need to impede your…

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33 Introspective And Inspiring Books Every Old Soul, Dreamer, And Artist Should Read

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Books on creativity are one of my favorite genres of book. Anytime I’m feeling uninspired or restless in my creative routine I seek out one of my favorite books or look for a new read to inspire me. Then there are times when it’s not so much a book on creativity that gets my heart pumping fast and the urge to create, but rather a book that looks at the world in an entirely new way or a book written by an author who dared to experiment and write in an unusual format. Books for creatives aren’t there to give us all of the answers or provide a solution to our creative blocks – they’re there to re-set the creative flow and remind us why we’re passionate for creating at all.


Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way – Shauna Niequist


“Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a…

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